About Us

" There is only one good, and that is knowledge. There is only one evil and that is ignorance. "

We at Viewsline do realize importance of knowledge and also an effort that so many put into seeking such on a daily basis. With that in mind we created the one and only database in existence of a very specific kind of knowledge information, which are the interviews. There is no other site where you could find cornucopia of interviews collected from the personalities across the world, so you could with just one click discover it all. World of wisdom would open to you when experts in all professions generously share it. So don´t hesitate to delve into site that is a showcase of thoughts, knowledge, expertise and wisdom from professionals, such as celebrities, politicians, businessmen, sporting stars, etc.
Our site is daily updated and you´ll never miss your favored interview, because we´ll also provide you with assistance in tracking your favored personality.
How it works:
Viewsline is designed to help you find interviews that reside on sites not owned or controlled by Viewsline. Viewsline simply provides short descriptions of interviews to help you identify the ones that are of interest to you. When you select an interview, you will be linked to the site where the particular interview resides. It´s that simple!
Please note that Viewsline does not claim ownership rights to the full interviews. We only aggregate interviews from various sites at one place. In no way Viewsline has any control over interviews themselves and views expressed by the interviewer (in this case a personality) are purely their personal.